FT: Get your free AP items!


What an amazing fight our four national teams put up at the very end of the 2010 World Cup! We congratulate every team that made it this far, and especially the national team of Spain for winning the desirable cup in the end.

Go here to redeem your items:

Here are the results of the semi-finals and the finals and how they were converted to Gacha Coins:

NED 3:2 URU > 3x Flower Set Coin, 2x Mariachi Set Coin
GER 0:1 ES > 0x Oktoberfest Set, 1x Rome Soldier Set

NED 0:1 ES > 1x Soccer Set Coin

How to redeem your item:

1. Click on the dropdown list below the Fantasy Tennis logo and choose the character you wish to receive the items with.
If you fail to do so before redeeming any items, the alaplaya support staff will not transfer your presents from one character to another.
Please choose wisely.

After you have chosen your character, wait one second so the item list can refresh itself if needed.

2. Now you may choose the desired items.
After you clicked on them, a blue border around the icon will confirm that this item has been selected.

Of course, this time it's only one item, so there's just one option to choose. :3 

3. After you are done selecting your items and have confirmed that you have selected the right character to receive your items with, simply click on the [Get Your Gift Here!] button.

The system will send the items to the selected ingame character's mailbox.
If you were logged in while redeeming the items, you might need to relog in order for the items to show up.

The redeeming page will be deactivated at July 31, 2010, 23:59pm. Make sure you get your items before!

We hope you have fun with your Gacha present!
alaplaya Team